TGSAT Leadership

Dr. Johnson C. Philip, President

Dr. Johnson C. Philip, TGSAT President
Ph.D. (Quantum Nuclear Physics), Th.D. (Apologetics and Hermeneutics), D.Sc. (Alt Med), Ph.D. (Biblical Archeology and Numismatics)

Dr. Saneesh Cherian, TGSAT Academic Dean
M.A. (Sociology), M.Div., Th.D. (Missions), Ph.D. (Hermeneutics and Apologetics)

Baton Rouge Faculty

In addition to TGSAT’s international leadership, faculty, and staff, we have a dedicated faculty for TGSAT-Baton Rouge students. You can learn more about them by clicking on their bio pages:

Provost, Professor

Sam Shavers, Jr.

  • M.Div. (2019)
  • Ed.D. (in progress)

Stephen House

  • B.S. (Business Information Systems, 1992)
  • D.B.S. (2017)
  • Th.D. (candidate)
Distinguished Professor

Ernest Musekiwa

  • M.C.C. (Christian Counseling)
  • M.B.S. (Biblical Studies)
  • M.R.E. (Religious Education)
  • D.Min.
  • D.Apol. (Apologetics)
  • D.Min.
  • Th.D
  • Ph.D. (Religion)

Moses George

  • B.A. (Bible and Theology, 2014)
  • M.A. (Bible and Theology, 2016)
  • D.Min. (2017)
  • Th.D. (2019)