Dr. Ernest Musekiwa is the founder and president of Christian Missions Theological College and Seminary in Harare, Zimbabwe.

He has earned degrees in Theology (Th.D), Ministry (DMin), Counseling (MCC), Biblical Studies (MBS), Apologetics (DrApol), Religious Education (MRE), and Religion (PhD). He has also studied psychology and legal studies as well as administration and personnel management.

“My academic career started with serious reflection on my Christian faith when I was eleven years old. It led me to question and doubt a number of church practices in my denomination. As a result of my inquisitive mind, I was led to meet Christians at a tent that shared with me the Gospel, and I was saved and baptized.”

Dr. Ernest has taught theology ever since he was 16 after attaining his first Diploma in biblical studies. He has had the privilege of sitting on the faculty bench of over 20 theological schools in Africa, the United States, and Canada and has taught students from close to 144 nations of the world. He has been involved in Christian ministerial work for over two decades as a pastor, counselor, evangelist, apologist, theologian, and author, and has published several works in the various fields.

Find out more at https://drmusekiwa.wordpress.com/